I miss you but pride won’t let me tell you,
Thought that we had all the time but I’m guessing that plans fell through.
Yeah, we fell off. I won’t ask you to climb back
I paid twenty for that Rolly, I just want my time back.
Was wrong too but I see it now, that you don’t give a damn.
I got you tatted, you took off before the ink dried on my hands.
I was down to give you the world, instead you gave me hell
I lied, tried to be perfect and I played myself
And it hurts so bad, we coulda worked on that
'Cause you say you love me, but real love don’t work like that.
The truth is, I left a piece of me in a piece I gave you
And I tend to laugh and crack a smile when things get painful
Said I crack a smile when things get painful
Remembering the moments when I used to date you
Say that you love me, I say that you’re lying
Cause I said we could work on it, you said “let’s leave it behind”
Couldn’t put together the picture I paint in my mind
So how I see you know insulting me is wasting my time
But we live and learn and learn and love and let go
Cause if we stay in this then we might make it worse than before.
Another hard lesson, stressing taking personal notes
Remember sweet nothings, like baby, what’s the purpose in those?
Both of us saying it shouldn’t have went like that
But sometimes in love, it just get like that
Used to think that when it went wrong we’d get right back
You know, Cupid’s got another arrow, and shit like that
And for all of y’all watching I hope that this entertain you
And that you enjoyed this song that I sang you
Cause I’m still here laughing when it gets painful
Remembering the moments when I used to date you.

Nada ansío de nada, mientras dura el instante de eternidad que es todo, cuando no quiero nada.

1. I’m not pretty inside. I think if you opened me up you’d just find a big mess of broken bones and shattered glass

2. I’m on fire and I burn everything I touch

3. Do you remember the night you got mad and told me that just because I have scars doesn’t mean I have to leave them?

4. I never really knew what to do with my tongue when it wasn’t in your mouth

5. I got all teary-eyed when you wouldn’t hold my hand. I just wanted to touch you

6. I let everything you said slip inside me and tear me apart. you were always saying sorry

7. I stole all of your old t-shirts to sleep in

8. I was always getting lost and calling you for directions

9. We were so in love I couldn’t take it. I guess you couldn’t either”

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